Justice – Lutan Fyah ft. Chiney Kiki

Lutan Fyah and Chiney KiKi teamed up for this new strong song. This song tackles some important social and political issues and delivers a message of hope and empowerment to listeners. A track that has the potential to really make an impact in these struggling times.

The Impassioned wails of Lutan Fyah and Chiney KiKi demanding equity for people of color permeate this anthem, Justice, coupled with Lutan Fyah’s empowering chant “rise up my people! ignites the call for freedom and unity Off the heels of the lifelong work of global freedom fighters, the track communicates the power of unity to the heart while capturing the hopes of the voiceless. Justice was co-produced by Chiney KiKi who also played the soul-stirring percussion instruments – an inkling of the project’s sentimental impact. She further teamed up with longtime collaborator/producer Vladimir Krkljush together makes up the label ” Goodmix”.