Kabaka Pyramid – Reggae Music Video

Official Music Video for “Reggae Music” 5th single from Kabaka Pyramid’s debut album “Kontraband” directed by Jay Will (Game Over)

Dancehall has been classified by many Reggae music pundits as “the place” or the “venue”, where people gather and experience the good Reggae music. With the song title ‘Reggae Music’ Kabaka Pyramid chants throughout the song – ‘Hey Mr DJ play dah one again, well this a reggae music whe the people dem defend and from now till a mawnin vibes it nah go end, me love fi see the uptown and ghetto people blend’.

The video highlights the intricate cultural pieces that bind people together and give Jamaica its unique identity. From the beginning of the video you see a typical street dance and the sound system Jah Works, from Japan, playing music on sound system using vinyl. Then you can see Kabaka Pyramid in the studio with the pioneer in reggae/dancehall King Jammys who is known for his sound system King Tubbys as well as changing the Jamaican music landscape in 1985 with Wayne Smith’s mega hit ‘Under Mi Sleng Teng’.

With various elements of Jamaican music culture highlighted throughout the video director Jay Will also honed in bringing across the authentic vibes. From the weekly event, Vinyl Thursdays, to the pilgrimage through the mecca of reggae by Japanese soundman via Trenchtown and various other parts of Jamaica. Jay Will was able to deliver Kabaka’s vision of the single ‘Reggae Music’, throughout the video, by paying homage to great music and some of Reggae music historical figures.

Throughout the video you will see various cameos from a wide array of contributors to Reggae, from Koro Fyah, WeePow of Stone Love sound system, Walshy Fire,Yaad Core, Jesse Royal to Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley. The video definitely depicts a vibe Reggae Music lovers will be able to relate to and the newcomers will want to be a part of.

“The substantial topics Kabaka presents on his debut album may not lead to immediate mainstream success, but they reinforce reggae as a vehicle of social consciousness, Kabaka’s ranking as one the music’s most important lyricists, and Kontraband’s status as a pending classic” Patricia Meschino – Billboard Magazine.

After seven months on the charts Kabaka Pyramids, debut album, Kontraband has re-entered billboard reggae top ten charts, reinforcing that this album is one that will stand the time years to come.