Karamanti – Read

It was not so long ago that Sizzla Kalonji released the track entitled “learn to read”. In the song he advised the youths to learn to read and write and elaborated on the importance of education so as to not be deceived. Fast forward a few months later and dancehall artist Karamanti is releasing the video for her single called “read”.

Much like KalonjiKaramanti’s song addresses the matter of illiteracy but she goes a step further by encouraging persons who are able to read to do so more frequently. She equates the increase in negative images and messages in the music industry with the makers and promoters refusal to expand their minds via reading.

The video which was shot in the Cassia Park area in Kingston starts out with a dramatization of a man behaving infuriately because of his inability to read. He is then confronted by a young lady who explains that it is never too late to learn and that she would be willing to teach him. The video has several still images of messages supporting reading and its importance.


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