Kelissa & Ras Muhamad – Satu Dunia – One World

Kelissa & Ras Muhamad | Satu Dunia – One World

Kelissa, Ras Muhamad and Oneness Records worked on this song across 4 continents with musicians form Jamaica and Indonesia as well as Germany, France and North Africa, which makes this a true World Music collaboration project in it’s actual sense, integrating different musical styles and languages into an new entity. © 2017 Oneness Records

Lyrics: Kelissa McDonald, Ras Muhamad
Music: Kelissa McDonald, Moritz v. Korff, Lionel Wharton, Alaoua Idir Drums: Silvan Strauß
Bass: Moritz v. Korff
Guitar and Mandole: Alaoua Idir
Keys and Programming: Lionel Wharton, Moritz v. Korff
Percussion: Samuel Wootton, Hector Lewis
Produced by Moritz v. Korff and Umberto Echo
Mixed and Mastered by Umberto Echo