Ki Kan La – Lëk Sèn (Music Video)

Lëk Sèn was born in Ngor, a fishing village in Senegal. From an early age, he was immersed in Rasta culture, inspired by reggae music and the peaceful struggle of his deported ancestors. With numerous tracks sung in Jamaican dialect and his numerous hit songs such as  “Ndobine”, “Manay” (feat Clinton Fearon),  “Hungry Lion”, “Alap rebel” or “Pirates” (Feat Cedric Myton)…, Lëk Sèn’s music builds a natural bridge between the Rastamen of the world and Africa.

New single. “Ki kan la” which translates as “Who’s this one”, in the spirit of “Who’s there?” This reggae track, released on 15 September 2023, sums up Lëk Sèn’s career path and his evolution in the world of music. Reggae, recognised by the UN as “a force for dialogue” and “a movement of resistance against imperialism”, is for its supporters a quest for spirituality. It’s at the intersection of the spirituality of reggae and the system that Lëk Sèn must find his way as a reggae artist.

Ego trip? In this track, Lëk Sèn reminds us that even if we have made mistakes in the past, this should not diminish our qualities. To understand better, it’s important to look at the origins of Lëk Sèn, who draws his inspiration from Reggae and Hip-hop sound systems where punchlines are used with force, as well as from his Lébou and Sérère roots, peoples who have managed to preserve their independence and their values of courage, honour and prestige. Lëk Sèn is a unique combination of all these riches.

The clip. Filmed in south-west France, far from industrial pollution, Lëk Sèn immerses us into a world where the exchange of skills takes precedence over money. With subtlety, you enter in a world of learning and creation. And on closer inspection, the nature offers many visual metaphors to represent Lëk Sèn’s career and his character as a fighter seeking serenity.

On tour. Available throughout 2024, his new show “I roots” is presented in acoustic, full band and sound system versions.