Harry J Live – Couch Series, Episode 5 ft Valiant

Season 3 of the Harry J Live – Couch Series brings more good vibes, more style, and more great music. This is Harry J Live – Couch Series episode 3, with the Unruly Entertainment artist: Valiant

Valiant, whose real name is Raheem Bowes, hails from St. Andrew, Jamaica. He had a typical childhood except for the fact that he knew how to sing and read music, which lead to him developing a deep passion for music. Valiant started singing at the age of five and credits the church for his early development in music as he learned to play instruments.  As his passion developed and he matured, it became easier to write and sing music. Throughout his journey, Valiant has been featured on several shows – Vanquish and Harry J Live Couch Series to name a few. He also had the opportunity of traveling to Bahamas to share his music. Valiant is currently under the management of Unruly Entertainment. He intends to continue building his craft and developing as a well rounded musician.