Quarantine Clash: Mystical Youth Sound vs Glockwork Posse

Conceptualized and hosted by producer Walshy Fire, soundclash.com presents Quarantine Clash – Mystical Youth Sound from Israel vs Glockwork Posse from Germany. Early juggling by Mattia from Warriorsound. See you there on May 17th!

Rules for today’s Quarantine Clash:
– 1st Round: 5 Minutes intro round anything can play
– 2nd Round: 10 Minutes juggling – anyting can play
– 3rd Round : 10 Minutes 45s only 
– 4th Round: 10 Minutes Dub plates only 
– 5th Round: 5 songs each Dub fi Dub round. Dubs only!

All 5 rounds Count, so have your scorecards ready. Voting will be 10 mins long. A link to vote will be provided on all the platforms where you can watch the clash. 

Pay per view early bird tickets for the finale on sale using the link here https://bit.ly/2VZgr40