Fari Di Future Reggae Bowl Acoustic Session 24/09/16

1. Rastafari Will Guide
2. Generation Y
3. Shashemene Living
4. Back To Africa
5. Farmer Man
6. Message For You
7. Free Your Mind
8. I&I A King
9. Black Excellence

When selector Yaadcore introduced this performer at the Reggae Bowl event in Brooklyn, New York, he did so in no uncertain terms. The stage was set for an artist to be witnessed “before the rise.” In that moment entered the young man, Fari Di Future, who proceeded to give the audience an acoustic treat.

“Ras Tafari will always guide you,” he sang, even as technical issues were being sorted early out. His melodic composure remained as he continued, “Jah will never let me down despite the difficulties.”

One hour later, patrons were fully satisfied by the vibrations of Fari Di Future and his musical collaborators. Listen to the hour long performance and experience it for yourself