Marla Brown – Trigger

Marla Brown – Trigger (Official Video 2018)

“Let the eyes of the innocent speak volumes to your heart.” When you think it’s just a movie; turns out it is just real life. Trigger captivates the reality of many unfortunate families caught up in the crossfire of war, in addition to children being trained from young to idolise and become persons who glorify war and violence. Sadly, it is the young generation who suffer the most during these times. Be a Trigger for change; a cause of positive actions, not a Trigger for War and Greed.

TRIGGER written and performed by Marla Brown, produced by Lionel “Loop” Nanzoo

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Special Thanks to: Marla’s dedicated team at The International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) in London | Geneva | Syria | Iraq The families of Geneva | Syria | Iraq Sam Smith Camera and Edits: Ibrahim Sherkhan Tacet Music Group Andre Rodney Kofi Owusu Copyright: Marla Brown | Lionel Nanzoo | ICRC