Micah Shemaiah – Jamaica Jamaica (Music Video)

“Social and economic problems have always plagued our country, we always overcame them because of our strong moral standards, and ultimately the world at large benefitted from our outstanding devotion to truth and spirituality. We here in Jamaica seemed at one point to be the spiritual center of the world. The place where what was considered true and real livity, would always exist. It now Pains my heart to see the degradation of who we are as a People. We grabbing at every frivolous thing the world throws out and while we distracted they taking our culture and turning it into a Fars and a money wheel. WAKE UP JAMAICA” – Micah Shemaiah.

Heavy song on a relick of the cuss cuss riddim made by Little Lion Sound for Evidence Music.

Directed by : Micah Shemaiah & Kemesha B
Assisted by : Tizzy Tokyo
Shot By : Pete Beng
Edited & Coloring by : Ras Shanti I & Nicolas Meury
Produced by : Evidence Music Riddim,
Mix & Master By : Nicolas Meury, Little Lion Sound, Evidence Music