Monkey Marc ft. Dre Island – Yaad N Abraad Video

Monkey Marc ft. Dre Island – Yaad N Abraad Video

This heavy political tune looks at injustice around the world over a driving reggae riddim. Full riddim out on Digikillaz 16 February 2018, also featuring 5 Star, Iba MaHr, Aza Lineage and Earth and the Fullness.

Mixed by Monkey Marc. Mastered by Monkey Marc & Rohan Mansell at Monkey Marc’s Solar Studio in Melbourne, Australia. Video directed, filmed and edited by 300K (@300kja / in Kingston, Jamaica.

Revival, resurgence and revitalization: words used to describe the new wave of reggae music and young consciousness-raising, spiritually awakened artists, evoking a golden era when Bob Marley sang of oppression. ‘Yaad N Abraad’ is the powerful lead single on Monkey Marc’s Yaad N Abraad riddim.

It features roots reggae artist Dre Island, one of the most exciting young musicians to emerge out of Kingston, Jamaica. Dre Island, the mystic and rebel, showed a strong interest towards music from a young age, nurtured and encouraged by his grandmother. Dre Island started out at as a studio engineer and musician, spending many of his formative years creating rhythms for many celebrated reggae and dancehall artists such as Sizzla, Junior Reid, Jah Cure and Julian Marley. Dre Island made his transition to recording artist in 2008.

Outspoken and often misunderstood, Dre Island worked on his musical skills while chronicling his transformation to Rastafari in song. His socially conscious messages, strong musical foundation and distinctive voice have driven his meteoric rise at the forefront of the roots and culture movement.

On Yaad N Abraad, Dre Island’s raw, impassioned lyrics describe a country racked by widespread poverty, corruption and violence, where “blood still a flow just like the River Nile”. Jamaica has endured decades of crippling foreign debt, austerity measures and economic policies that destroy opportunities for the poor and protect the wealthy elite.

Dre Island laments that this political and social injustice is found all around the world: “Same ting weh happen a yard gwaan abraad”. He calls on his people to stay strong and defiant: “Physically, mentally you affi strong. Can’t weak heart when you out inna Babylon. Got to stay focused and know your direction.”