Mr. Propaganda – Quartiere Coffee ft. Finaz (Bandabardò) (Music Video)

After months of hard work, Quartiere Coffee has released their new single. The band spent a lot of time recording and writing together to create this song. The song, titled “MR.PROPAGANDA,” has a reggae vibe and features amazing guitar work by FINAZ from BANDABARDÒ. It talks about important issues like power and control in today’s world.

The song was produced by Ciro “Princevibe” Pisanelli, who has worked with the band for a long time and knows how to get the sound just right. They also got help from a young musician named AndrewD for arranging the song.

They made a cool music video for the song, directed by Luigi Benelli di Maro and filmed by Marco Marroni. They chose a beautiful place in Grosseto called Cassero di Grosseto for the video.

“MR.PROPAGANDA” is released by La Tempesta Dub/La Tempesta Dischi, one of Italy’s important independent record labels.

With this song, Quartiere Coffee offers listeners a chance to think about the world in a new way through their music.