My Child – Mortimer (Music Video)

Reggae crooner Mortimer releases “My Child,” the fourth single from his anticipated full-length debut album. The album, titled’ From Within‘, is produced by Winta James (often in conjunction with Mortimer), and will be released on September 20, 2024, by Overstand Entertainment and Easy Star Records.

The new single is accompanied by an official music video directed by Dennis “Denni” Fyffe. Mortimer describes the song as “things I wish I heard from my father that I had to tell myself…things I now tell my children and that I hope they tell theirs. ‘My Child’ is a letter to myself and my offspring.”

From Within is a series of songs that tell an overarching story of Mortimer’s journey –spanning his loves and passions, his struggles along the way, his ability to overcome these trials, and how his Rastafarian faith and love of family have helped guide him through it all. From the introspective, acoustic-heavy “Whole Heap,” to the slinky, sensual dancehall groove of “Slowly,” followed by the propulsive, modern roots sounds of “Not A Day Goes By” and “My Child,” each of the LP’s singles released so far boasts a broad and dramatic sonic palette. The release also dips heavily into melodies inspired by ‘80s pop and R&B, as well as a surprising foray into the under-represented sub-genre of reggae disco. In an era where artists are encouraged to sling constant content that disappears after a few weeks, Mortimer has taken his time to create a timeless piece of music that traces his personal path in a way that is bound to connect deeply to his listeners. Within the coming weeks, this rising star will reveal the album track listing, along with more singles and videos, leading into the September 20th release date.