Nesbeth – Rasta Love (Official Video)

Today Jamaican Artist Nesbeth released his new video  called “Rasta Love”. With this song, the in Kingstons’ Arnette Gardens born and raised artist, wants to shine a light upon love from a Rastafarian point of view:

“It’s second nature to compare what you’ve once had with something that is unknown. “I felt the need to write Rasta Love as a strong lyrical message which uplifts and glorifies the love from a Rastafarian perspective. Generally I imagine we all, at some point, systematically misperceive the feelings we experience in a new relationship are similar to ones in the past; the vibe of the song is strong and intense; it speaks about freeing someone from their past. Rasta Love” gives insights into loving a Rasta man it is a very deep emotion; I chose to use words as visual images such as “Kick your love Door down …” to help convey my zealous message.”

“Whilst on my first UK tour I decided to film the video for Rasta Love capturing some of London’s most renowned locations, making this video remarkable.”

The song is recorded on House of Hits Label. The riddim known as Yard Rock gives this song its captivating vibes.



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