Premiere: Omari Banks – Nah Drop Out (Official Video)

MPR Consulting – From socially charged tracks like “System Set” to serenades of “Naturally” and life’s mantras like “Like A King”, Omari Banks pride’s himself in a diverse and multi-faceted discography that reflects every-day life.

On his  latest offering, Omari teamed up with Jamaican multi-instrumentalist and producer Ottmar Campbell on “Nah Drop Out“. Mixed by renowned engineer Shane Brown, the hit-bound track is a candid chant laid to a faster beat that Omari’s hardcore fans might be used to, as it fuses reggae and dancehall. “I’m from the Caribbean, all those genres are inside of me. Reggae, Dancehall even Calypso run through my musical veins. Although I do more Roots, Reggae, Blues, Folk and Contemporary,  I appreciate it all and for this, I just wanted to do something different.” said Omari.

Nah Drop Out” vocalizes a common tale “Watch di friend wah you keep, Some heart full with envy…” sings Omari as he discloses the song’s inspiration. “I wrote the song like I do most of my tracks. I am someone that observes and draws from my life, or those around me. This song is a familiar experience, it’s a shared thread that some of us have had. People close to us, even sometimes family that you believe are down for you, to cheer you on but just to realize that it’s a facade.