Paola Pierri & Jah Guidance – You Got Me Going On (Music Video)

Jubba White’s album You is a project of various artists singing an original song I wrote and produced. In some cases such as this version, the guests had the creative freedom to adjust the melody and bring their own vibe to the song, making it their own.

Jubba wrote this song “You Got Me Going On” in 2006, and first released it in 2016. As part of the marketing, I invited industry colleagues to do their rendition of the song. That idea became this album, with artists from various genres, putting their own spin on this one song. The album consists of eight versions, three of which I participated in as a duo collaboration.
Every version stands on its own and I think each is strong enough as a single. You is a musical treat. Jubba White enjoys collaborating and showcasing other talents, and this album is another demonstration of that.