Papa Michigan – Reality Must Rule Again (Lyric Video)

Back in the 1990s, Papa Michigan wrote this song describing the deprivation of the Reggae Industry, the war in Afghanistan, and the rampant exposure of immorality that children worldwide were being exposed to. Now we are faced with a war in Ukraine; the rapid increase of a lack of credible news on social media; so things are continuing to be concerning today, and there is less of a responsibility to address these issues in mainstream news media.

Michigan has decided to re-release and remaster this track because of the continuous requests from his largest fan base, which is now the Latin American Market. This infectious track was voiced & mixed at Penthouse studio and engineered by Dave Kelly, (a good friend of Michigan) alongside his brother Anthony. 

The song was originally released on the Papa Michigan-produced album “Reality Must Rule Again” (Michigan and Smiley) which was licensed and distributed by VPAL. Now with this latest release, Michigan has decided to take matters into his own hands and re-release the single on his Rashanco Music label to stamp the Papa Michigan brand.

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