Patra & Delus Premiered new Video "Come Ova"

Kingston, Jamaica (August 30, 2012): On Friday, August 31, 2012, the long awaited video for Patra and Delus’ single Come Ova will premiere on Hype TV’ Up and Live. The single, which was recorded earlier this year, not only gained popularity for its catchy lyrics and dancehall riddim but also the return of Patra who had been on hiatus for a few years. At the time of its release, both Patra and Delus took to the airwaves in Jamaica, the Caribbean, US, Europe and Canada to promote the single. During that time fans were assured that plans to shoot the video was in the making.

On Monday, August 27th, social media was a buzz as music sites posted the freshly released video. With the hype of the single building for the past three months, the timing seemed perfect for the video’ release as fans expressed their views about the video. The positive feedback thus far has been encouraging for both Delus and Patra who will go on to promote the video in the coming weeks.

Producer Dameon Gayle of Warrior Music Productions who was instrumental in getting Delus and Patra to collaborate on the single remarks, “Making the video was just as enjoyable as producing the track. It was a fun environment working with Patra, Delus and the directors to create the exciting visuals for the song. I really loved working on the project and thankful to everyone.”

Delus’ manager, Stacey Bethel adds, “I am glad the video is out. We were getting so many emails asking about its release. Social media is buzzing with positive feedback and that’s a great thing. It is really a good look for Delus who is happy with the direction of the single. We have been working with Patra and her team to get the video out to the masses so this joint effort is something that is needed for this video to do well. I am happy overall – thanks to Dameon and Patra. And as always I am proud of Delus.”

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