Precious – Samora (Music Video)

Precious” encourages women of dark complexion to become more aware of their own beauty and strength. Unfortunately, there are still people for whom dark skin and curly, frizzy hair are considered less beautiful and unfortunately, there is still exclusion because of these physical features. From an early age, some girls are taught to feel inferior although the power and the radiant beauty of women of color are so obvious… That’s why “Precious” aims to encourage women with dark skin to stand by their roots and resist racism, segregation, and discrimination. Women of color should also celebrate their strong
role models in history who are proof that there is no reason not to be comfortable in your own skin.
Black girls, women of color, should not let themselves fall victim to the negativity, but should know that they are truly worthy, beautiful, intelligent, strong and unique. Precious. “Black is beauty and this beauty is contagious.”

“Precious” is the second single from the upcoming album “Chameleon”, which is going to be released in June 2022.

Written by Samora Souprayen & Res Staudenmann Composed by Res Staudenmann & Ludovic Hoarau Produced by Res Staudenmann & Kiro MusicMaker (Ludovic Hoarau) Mixed by Kiro MusicMaker (Ludovic Hoarau), Switzerland Mastered by Oli Bösch, Switzerland Label: Staudenmann Distribution: HAPILOS Distribution, New York NY, USA / Kingston, Jamaica Cover Artwork by Res Staudenmann & Samora Souprayen Video concept by Samora Souprayen & Res Staudenmann Video production by Kalouk, La Réunion, France & Res Staudenmann.