Premiere: All Time High – Tuff Like Iron & Pukupoo (Music Video)

Discover the electrifying collaboration between reggae fusion sensation Tuff Like Iron and award-winning entertainer Everaldo “Evie Pukupoo” Creary in their latest single, All Time High. Hailing from Brooklyn NYC, Tuff brings her signature blend of reggae and hip hop to this innovative track. At the same time, Evie, known for his work with the renowned Dub Poetry/Music group “the Nomaddz” and his portrayal of Lee Scratch Perry in the Bob Marley: One Love movie, adds depth and versatility.

“All Time High” is a unique love song that intertwines themes of cryptocurrency, trading, and NFTs with the universal experiences of love and the meditational high of marijuana. Encouraging support for indie artists, the song invites listeners to download directly from the artists’ websites. Experience the magic of “All Time High” and join us in celebrating creativity and collaboration!

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