Premiere: Apple Gabriel – No Equality (2021 Tuff Gong Version – Music Video)

It has been one year since the world has lost one of it’s most talented and gifted reggae singers, Apple Gabriel, one of the founders of Israel Vibration. “We feel honoured and privileged to have been given the chance to work with Apple in 2010 on his critically acclaimed solo album Teach Them Right.” the producer mentioned. “There where plans for a follow up album but they unfortunately never materialised.”

As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Israel Vibration made some of their best music in the Tuff Gong studio in the early days. We went back there to work on this special musical tribute together with the Tuff Gong All Stars and with a contribution from sax maestro Dean Fraser.

Jahsolidrock recorded a brand new version of No Equality, one of their favorite songs from the Teach Them Right album. A solid roots tune full of cultural vibes, capturing the soul of Israel Vibrations early releases. The song is accompanied by this video that shows the story of the early beginnings of Israel Vibration as told to us by Apple. In the video, directed by Sherkan, a few familiar faces, like Runkus, Leno Banton and Spade can be spotted in the rolls of “Israel Vibration”. We think, if there were one, this video could get the Oscar for best Reggae Video 2021!

Long acapella shows on the streets of Jamaica to make some money to survive, before the band went on to become one of the most successful and influential roots harmony groups in reggae history.

Rest In Power Apple Gabriel, your music will live on and continue to inspire many generations to come.

Recorded @ Tuff Gong (Kingston, JM)
Musical director @ Tuff Gong : Mario ”Djeynah Delbety” Delbe.
Engineer: Roland Mc Dermot
Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg/Brandenburg Mastering (Amsterdam, NL)
Video directed by Sherkhan/Raatid Magic Films
Graphic design single release by Danny Creatah – World A Reggae

Apple Gabriel – No Equality (Tuff Gong Version)
(A. Craig/ M. Baronner, M. van der Gaag)
(Tuff Gong arrangement: M. “Djeynah Delbety” Delbe.)

Kirk ”Kirkledove” Bennett: Drums
Jason Arthur Welsh: Bass
Garth ”Duckie” Forester: Guitar
Marcus Hillman: Guitar
Andrew ”Stringy” Marsh: Piano, Organ
Marc Baronner: Percussion
Dean Fraser: Sax
Okiel McIntyre: Trumpet