Premiere: Distance – Sanjah Lion (Music Video)

Sanjah Lion releases his next single Distance, a sweet lovers rock song about distant lovers. The Amsterdam-based artist teamed up with coolpro entertainment from Malawi, who created the flyover riddim that formed the foundation of this sweet-sounding love song.

“Distance is not an easy bridge to cross, but since love is able to conquer everything there is hope. Especially in the times we currently live in, even lovers that live not so far away from each other can experience the difficulty of distance. Love can travel a long way and make lovers feel each other’s warmth and energy from miles and miles away. That is what inspired me to write this song” so the artist states. Speaking of traveling a long way, the artist took his 5-year-old son to the northern part of Sweden to shoot the video in a natural setting of astonishing beauty. The 5-year old took an active role in the shooting and editing his father’s latest music video. Check out the new video now and feel the power of love!