Premiere: Keep Up – Dre JA (Music Video)

After releasing songs like ‘Mind Control” and “Alcapone” Dre JA releases his first video for this amazing uplifting song called “Keep Up” which is produced by ZJ Ice. Keep Up is a track that tells the story of dreams and hardships in the music business and how one motivates self to come out victorious.

Many Legends were born out of the music industry. They have brought the music to where it is today. Many have passed on and here we are, we have listened and have also chosen music as a career. They became mentors and for some their Idols. These great artists wish for their legacy to be in good hands. They are expecting us to rise to the occasion and even be better than they were, although in this music life, it can be hard to survive; It is not a rivalry. The question this song is now asking is: “Can you keep up, keep up, keep up.? Can you keep up? – DRE JA

Dre JA was born Andre Davy, on September 1, 1984 in the Parish of Kingston & St. Andrew. Dre JA is Music Producer, Songwriter, and singer striving from his early teens to improve his career.  His Love for music started from actually singing in the Church choir. His musical knowledge comes from his early years in high school, where he spent much time at the Legendary Jimmy Cliff Studio and the studio of the legendary Jamaican musician and Artist Grub Cooper, singer with the Fab5 band. This is what cemented his heart in the Music Industry.  Andre went on to Manage the veteran Junior Reid while working at large Music Product Shows.

Dre JA also is the Director of Mining Gold Studio Limited.  A prestigious studio that is located in Kingston. Here he has the privilege to work with seasoned Artists, veterans, and businessmen in the music industry who respects his musical ability.  Andre lives, eats & breathes music; no matter what career his mother tried to get him interested in, it always comes right back to the music.  Dre JA now has a catalog of songs that could easily fill several albums but his motto is “no rush, it’s all up to JAH timing“.

Dre JA is a humble soul that believes that success is not for a single person but for everyone around us.  He is always striving for perfection and greatness not just for himself but for everyone around him. One of his mantras is, “if I eat… everyone around me should eat also” as the colloquial saying goes, “One hand washes the other”.  

Dre JA feels that the message in his songs is unique and is a blessing from JAH so that is why he crafts his songs so that the world can hear and is able to clearly understand its message. Being awarded a Grammy award is his ultimate goal.