Premiere: Lion I – Resistance

Vocal & Lyrics : Lion – I (Isaac Kharbteng) (India)
Riddim produced by : K-Jah Sound(Poland)
Instruments : Krystian K-Jah walczak,
Riddim Mix + additional FX by : Watzek Wawrzyniak
Recorded & Mix : Julius Basawiamoit at ProDigi Studio
Video produced by : Lion Roots Foundation
Written & Directed by: Lion – I (Isaac Kharbteng)
Camera Person: John , Salan , Bakmen & Vincent.
Edited by: John, Bakmen , Vincent.

Lion-I aka Isaac Kharbteng is a Reggae musician/artist hailing from North East India, Shillong. Lion-I started recording, performing and producing again last October 2018 after a span of 7-8 years break from the music scene. Lately produced a couple of tunes like Reggae Party, Vicious circle, Ready fi dem, Resistance working with various producers like Dreadsquad (Poland), Lion Riddims (Romania), K-Jah Sound (Poland).
New E.P ‘Soul Survivor’ drops soon, Stay tuned.

“RESISTANCE Is more than just a tune . Resistance is about voicing the voiceless and it reflects the sad reality, also the tribulations I&I have to face inna dis yah beautiful nation called INDIA. It also speaks about the evil Imperial system, music industry, corruption, poverty ,capitalism, oppression, injustice, fake news – lies and Propaganda promoted by paid media to confuse the masses and keep them from the TRUTH, and the rape culture that’s rampant in our society and how our country especially New Delhi the capital has become so unsafe for women. In short, this tune talks about the need to raise our fist and put up a Resistance.”