Premiere: Nah Call The Police – Isha Bel & OBF (Parodie Video)

Isha Bel and OBF released this NUH CALL THE POLICE Parody video, the song is a bonus video for the Nuh Call the Police EP released by Isha Bel alongside OBF on Dubquake records in July 2023.

The video was shot and directed  in Jamaica by Isha Bel and GameFace videos. What started out as a fun skit   to promote the tracks morphed into a full video spoof  about the  struggles of  dance session , promoters and party goers   to play and keep the music alive and  the run ins with Mr Law.

Isha Bel states, she wanted to keep it fun and as grassroots as possible shooting the scene between Rockfort and Harbor View East Kingston