Premiere: Omari Banks – Sunlight Acoustic Music Video

Omari Banks – Sunlight Acoustic Music Video

February 21 marks the date of another great Reggae video thats sees the sunlight at This premiere video is coming from Reggae crooner Omari Banks. This time the singer did things a bit different and went Acoustic with this version of Sunlight, the title track of his in 2017 released Album:

I did the Sunlight Acoustic Version and Video because sometimes things are articulated and understood even better when it is stripped down to just a vocal and guitar. The song Sunlight I wrote when I was on a plane trip and got a burst of inspiration from what I was seeing,( The Sunlight through the clouds) I believe today in a world where we are realizing more the importance of Sunlight to our continued existence it is even more so fitting. The sun and its power for thousands of years have been used as a story to illustrate so much. I find it quite fitting to continue the beautiful tale of life. SunLight