Premiere: Pagan Land – Kenny Smyth (Music Video)

JahSolidRock Music is happy to present Kenny Smyth’s new single, Pagan Land, taken from his upcoming album “Powerful Dread” (Scheduled for the 4th of May 2023). Kenny continues on his musical journey proving his determination and undeniable qualities as a singer, author, and performer!

Kenny grew up in the peaceful rural parish of St Elisabeth known to be the “breadbasket parish” of Jamaica, where he got the nickname “breadbasket singer“ from. As a child, Kenny learned to play the guitar from his father. Passionate and encouraged by his family, he then began to practice bass, drums, and keyboards and started writing and singing songs. He did some great singles with a.o. Addis Records (Switzerland), which we really liked. The artwork for the single cover was done by World A Reggae’s Danny Creatah.