Premiere: Ras Teo – Sabbath Day

Ras Teo – Sabbath Day (T. Hartoonian/Midnite)
We proudly present the first musical collaboration between Ras Teo, JahSolidRock Music, and Tuff Gong Studios. From the upcoming showcase album Sufferation. Stay tuned!

Executive Producer: Ras Denco
Produced by Ras Denco and Marc Baronner
Mixed by Marc Baronner @ Bass Galore Productions (Leiden, NL)

Recorded @ Tuff Gong (Kingston, JM), AMG Studios (Los Angeles, USA), Bass Galore (Leiden, NL)
Musical director @ Tuff Gong : Mario ”Djeynah Delbety” Delbe. Engineer: Roland Mc Dermot

Horns arranged by Tommie Freke
Video directed by Sherkhan/Raatid Magic Films
Artwork single release by Rastari Minajah

Vocals: Ras Teo
Backings: Dalton Browne
Drums: Kirk ”Kirkledove” Bennett
Bass: Jason Arthur Welsh
Guitar: Garth ”Duckie” Forester
Keys: Andrew ”Stringy” Marsh
Binghi Drums: Vivaldo Brown
Percussion: Marc Baronner
Trombone: Haris Chronis
Trumpet: Luuk Hof
Sax: Tommie Freke


Every now and then you hear someone sing, and you get a glimpse of who they are at the core… where their Spirit is… International Reggae Singer and songwriter Ras Teo, is one of them. When his voice sings Roots Reggae, the sounds seem to immediately take us to a calm meditative state firmly rooted in Jamaican tradition. There is reckoning when traditions are
upheld. In the trod of Rastafari, it is rare that an artist will be both continuing the legacy of a nation, in this case, Armenians and His Imperial Majesty, while honoring the musical roots renaissance that is the foundation of Reggae, simply Roots Music.

Born in Sweden in 1979, Teo Hartoonian, AKA Ras Teo an Armenian descendant, was first exposed to Roots Reggae at age 12. Works by Ijahman Levi, Fred Locks, and Hugh Mundell started his push to collect, and study the message and the music. As he learned about Emperor Haile Selassie I, he also learned about the long friendship and service rendered by Armenians for Ethiopia, and vice-versa.

In 2009, Ras Teo released his first album “Mystic Morning”. By his third album, “Bredda Daniel” Ras Teo was in collaboration with reggae greats Yami Bolo, Iqulah Rastafari, drummer Leroy Horsemouth Wallace, along with perhaps reggae’s most renowned and prolific percussionist, the sensational Bongo Herman. Ras Teo continued to release further albums, featuring the massive talents of other reggae phenoms such as Sizzla Kalonji, veteran roots singer Pablo Gad, and ace producer Roberto Sanchez.

Over years of development, such Rastafari Roots Elders as Fred Locks, and The Abyssinians have mentored Ras Teo, and soon, after 6 albums, Ras Teo, in collaboration with JahSolidRock Music will be releasing his latest work, the album titled “Sufferation”. Recorded in Bob Marley’s legendary Tuff Gong Studio, many of Ras Teo’s latest tunes feature the very same Hammond organ that has graced many Bob Marley and The Wailers tunes that have brought so much aural and spiritual delight into our lives over the years. The soon to be released, “Sufferation” album will be a Mighty follow up to Ras Teo’s previous album “10,000 Lions” released in 2019 which, with its deep reverent undertones and bright melodies, quickly
rose to number 1 on the “Amazon Reggae Charts.” Ras Teo was also nominated for “Artist of the Year” on “Reggae Shack” kthx 100.1 FM hosted by Tracy Moore.

Ras Teo’s collaboration with Powerhouse producers duo Jahsolidrock Music produces an album of polished mastery, a dedication to the clarity of sound that literally touches the soul, and almost makes one wonder if they have somehow been transported back to the 70’s. This is the Roots of today, and tomorrow, and firm in the traditions of our ancestors. The first tune released from the “Sufferation” album, “Sabbath Day” is a perfect example. Commanding, yet persuasive in its potent message, “Sabbath Day,” a tune rife with blazing horns, and Rastafari Revelations, is a call to come to Jah, and follow the Law.