Premiere: Rosh Rebel – Tomorrow (Music Video)

Rosh Rebel Passionately Delivers On New Track, ‘TOMORROW’; Releases Heart-Felt And Inspirational Music Video.

Every day alive is a blessing indeed! Rosh Rebel joins forces with Producer Christopher ‘Briggs’ Hurst under the label Hills Of Sainty on a groovy, steady and nothing short of well-played reggae instrumental where she vocalizes on the gratitude she feels for what some would consider a simple yet, for her, great blessing, that of being alive.

She passionately expresses how she chooses to live her best life every day and implores everyone to do the same. “We go throughout our days not knowing if ‘TOMORROW’ will come. Each day we go to sleep not knowing if ‘TOMORROW’ will come. The truth is, it’s never promised so live your life, smile, be happy, be careful, make moves and do you in every single way, TODAY!” – Rosh Rebel

Enjoy this new release which fits perfectly for all listeners, from children to the elderly and those from all walks of life!