Premiere: Way Up – Ras Teo

Every now and then you hear someone sing, and you get a glimpse of who they are at the core… where their Spirit is… International Reggae Singer and songwriter Ras Teo (Born Teodik Hartoonian), is one of them. When his voice sings Roots Reggae, the sounds seem to immediately take us to a calm meditative state firmly rooted in Jamaican tradition. His spiritual tune Way Up is taken from the Various Artist album “King Of The Dub Rock 3” by JahSolidRock, which they made in collaboration with Lloyd Coxsone (Sir Coxsone Sound) It also features songs and dubs by Chezidek, Var, Mutabaruka, Micah Shemaiah, Earl Sixteen, Apple Gabriel, and Brinsley Forde & David Hinds. Now available on all download/streaming platforms and on limited edition vinyl LP.

Executive Producer: Ras Denco
Produced by Ras Denco and Marc Baronner
Mixed by Marc Baronner @ Bass Galore Productions (Leiden, NL)
Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg/Brandenburg Mastering (Amsterdam, NL)

Recorded @ Tuff Gong (Kingston, JM), AMG Studios (Los Angeles, USA), Bass Galore (Leiden, NL) Musical director @ Tuff Gong : Mario ”Djeynah Delbety” Delbe. Engineer: Roland Mc Dermot
Video directed by Sherkhan/Raatid Magic Films
Horn Arrangement by Hornsman Coyote

Ras Teo: Vocals
Dalton Browne (R.I.P.): Backing Vocals
Drums: Kirk ”Kirkledove” Bennett
Bass: Jason Arthur Welsh
Guitar: Garth ”Duckie” Forester
Keys: Andrew ”Stringy” Marsh
Binghi Drums; Vivaldo Brown
Trombone: Hornsman Coyote
Trumpet: Cédric “Tribuman” Munsch
Sax: Tommie Freke

Director and DOP: Romain “Sherkhan” Chiffre
Assistant Director: Pete Beng
Assistant Producer: Ashley Belinfante
Set assistant: Sean Tenn
Talents: Andre France, Tafari Gordon, Makhiri D’Aguilar, Jahzara Wilmot, Kohath Thomas
Color Grading: Jean Ousmane For Raatid Magic films 2021