Promise No Promises – Life Is No Bed Of Rose

Promise No Promises – Life Is No Bed Of Rose
Mixed/Mastered by: Mac Les Music Factory
A ZiggyBlacks Production 2016
Video by: Justin “Jusbus” Nation
Video sponsored by: Shamra Shamra Non-profit Organization

Promise No Promises releases “Life Is No Bed Of Roses”. The single is the fourth release from the forthcoming “No can Do” Album.

Promise teamed up with Justin ”Jusbus” Nation to create the imaging for the first Hit single “ Draw we out”( ). It was only fitting to collaborate with him again to create another visual masterpiece in the video for “Life is no bed of Roses”.

“This song speaks of how hard work and self restraint is key to getting over the negative situations that we encounter on life’s journey,” says Promise. With lyrics like “life is no bed of rose its filled with bitter-sticks just taste it”; and “you cannot run away from the tragedy so just face it”, this song will champion the cause to turn those truly Hard Times into the most positive futures! Listen keenly and spread the word, the newest addition to the world’s reggae revival movement is here!