Rasta Corner – Eesah, Pressure Busspipe, Perfect Giddimani (Lyric Video)

Eesah has teamed up with reggae heavyweights Pressure Busspipe and Perfect Giddimani for their latest single, “Rasta Corner.” The high-energy track is now available on all major streaming platforms and is gaining attention in the music industry.

Eesah, known for his unique blend of dancehall and roots reggae, delivers another hit with “Rasta Corner.” The collaboration with Pressure Busspipe and Perfect Giddimani, both respected names in reggae, creates a powerful and infectious track that is sure to get fans turning up the volume.

“Rasta Corner” celebrates Rastafari culture and its strength. Eesah’s smooth vocals, combined with Pressure Busspipe’s soulful sound and Perfect Giddimani’s powerful lyrics, make a perfect blend of dancehall and reggae. The track reflects the artists’ passion for their roots and their commitment to spreading conscious messages through music.

This collaboration showcases the strength and unity within the reggae community. “Rasta Corner” is a must-listen for reggae and dancehall lovers, highlighting Eesah’s talent and ability to bring people together through music. With this collaboration, Eesah, Pressure Busspipe, and Perfect Giddimani are setting the bar high for future dancehall and reggae collaborations.