Romain Virgo drops new hit song with ‘Switch You On” (Music Video)

Romain Virgo shares “Switch You On,” a playful new hit song that brings classic romance to sleek, modern production. The song is out today, October 18th 3PM CET, via VP Records.

“This one is a bit different from what I normally do in terms of the energy and singing style. I got the opportunity to show off the falsetto side of my voice, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. Our intention was to make a song that people can sing along to, something they can dance to – and I know this is it,” said Romain Virgo.

For “Switch You On,” Romain once again teamed up with reggae/dancehall hitmaker Donovan “Don Corleon” Bennett and songwriter Matthew “Keely Keyz” Keaveny, both of whom contributed to his previous single, “Driver.” Don Corleon, who produced and arranged the track, blended pop sonics with a reggae feel, helping Romain’s melodies and Keely’s harmonies to shine. 

The music video, directed by Sameel “SAMO” Johnson and filmed in the heart of downtown Kingston, is equally vibrant.

Later in October, Romain Virgo will be live debuting “Switch You On” for fans in the U.K., with consecutive show dates in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London, and Leicester.

“Switch You On” marks the third single released as a prelude to his upcoming album. It follows 2021’s “Good Woman” and “Driver,” which he shared earlier this year.