Rseenal Di Artillary aka DonRasta – HOME

They say no man is an island and no man stands alone; but what must you do when you are left out in the cold and have to find your way HOME?

Incomes Rseenal Di Artillary a.k.a DonRasta, the OriJAHnal Don presenting to you this phenomenal one titled “HOME”. HOME is where the heart is and also where love abides, Home can be either on the inside or on the outside. Home is our story of survival, of finding the path to our rightful place and our true way of Life! 

Home is where we choose and love to be, to rest and smile a while
and whilst we passed, yet another milestone together,
will you Share this moment with me… forever

“HOME” was Produced by Young Dreamz Ent. and shot and edited by A B Sallu.

Presented to you by Kairo Soul Ltd. in association with RockersReggaelution. #