Rudy, A Message to You – Dandy Livingstone (Music Video)

Rudy, A Message to You celebrates its 55th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, Trojan Records has released the song’s very first official video.

Dandy Livingstone, one of the most popular and influential reggae artists of all-time first made his mark on the UK music scene in the Sixties with a series of fine ska and rock steady 45s, most notably ‘Rudy, A Message To You’.

First released in July 1967 on R&B Records’ Ska Beat label, the track swiftly became a best-seller, with its popularity continuing to grow over the years that followed. The recording was subsequently acquired by Trojan Records and at the close of the Seventies famously influenced the British ska revivalists, the Specials, who enjoyed significant UK chart action in 1979 with their own version. Rudy, A Message To You has become a true reggae anthem, with a strong message that still resonates today. The lyrics call for a ‘rudy’ aka rudeboy to stop his rebellious and troublesome ways and instead think about his future as opposed to potentially winding up in jail. It is a letter to the rudeboy culture calling for the advancement of the young generation.

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