Salammusik – Terima Kasih

Salammusik – Terima Kasih (Official Video)

Salammusik – Music with a message

The festival season is almost here and the Malaysian Cultural Hip-pop band Salam Musik get ready for Their summer tour through the Netherlands and Belgium.

Salam Musik is hailing from Southeast Asia and know for their songs: “Aku Pelat”,”Bangkit”, “Terima Kasih” and “Cerita Kedai Kopi”.
They have already been awarded with dozens of international Music Award nominations, including for Best Album of the Year.

With catchy beats, meaningful lyrics and energetic performances they bring the festival Audience in ecstasy.
Salam Musik mixes the various musical influences. which they grew up with in multi-cultural Malaysia, to a funky world music sound.

Their latest hit “Terima Kasih” is now available in the Netherlands and played on the radio, Spotify, i-Tunes and Youtube.
Terima Kasih means: “THANK YOU”