Samora – Bruises (Music Video)

We all go through difficult times in life sometimes. And we all have inner bruises from situations, conflicts, fights and issues. But too often we try to push these memories away, we prefer not to be reminded of them. It is just that this doesn’t remove the scars… So wouldn’t it be better to take a moment and reflect upon the impact situations can have on us, instead of suppressing the pain of being reminded of it? Only then you’ll get a chance in return to let the healing process start.

Lyrics by Samora Souprayen
Music by Res Staudenmann
Produced by Res Staudenmann & Kiro
MusicMaker/Ludovic Hoarau
Recorded by Res Staudenmann
Mixed by Kiro MusicMaker/Ludovic Hoarau
Mastered by Oli Bösch at Studio U3
Label: Staudenmann Distribution by 21st Street HAPILOS Digital Distribution, New York NY, USA / Kingston, Jamaica