Sara Lugo & Protoje | Really Like You [dunkelbunt] Remix

Sara Lugo & Protoje | Really Like You [dunkelbunt] Remix Official Video 2017
Produced by Oneness Records

“Really Like You”, the hit single from Sara Lugo’s 2014 album “Hit Me With Music”, is still a favorite among fans from San José to Lyon, and beyond. So, Oneness Records invited some of their friends in the business to remix it.

Ulf Lindemann aka Dunkelbunt hails from Hamburg, Germany. At the beginning of the millennium in his Vienna studio, he began to merge electronic music with Balkan, Gypsy and Swing sounds and helped popularize the genres that became known as “Electro Swing” and “Balkan Beats”. He is a producer, pianist, DJ, composer, radio producer and really knows how to spice a pot.