See You In Your Arms (Remake) – KashieF Lindo (Music Video)

To say 2021 was a banner year for Kashief Lindo, would be a grand understatement. The singer’s new album, Love On, topped the South Florida Reggae Chart for multiple weeks and helped make him that table’s number one artist for the year.

Lindo, who lives in South Florida, has started the new year with a bang. Love On not only maintains its position in South Florida but is also number one on the Foundation Radio Network NY Chart.

More good news for the artist. The album’s momentum carried over to Europe where it is number one on the website’s Top 20 Album Chart in The Netherlands.

Ram it Ram, Lindo’s dancehall single, also went number one on the South Florida Top 25 Chart for several weeks and number one in Jamaica on Richie B’s Jamaica Music Countdown chart. 

Love On is Kashief Lindo’s first album in nine years. Produced by his father Willie Lindo for Heavy Beat Records, it contains a cover of James Brown’s Goodbye For Love, the lovers rock number Can’t Run Away From Your Heart, the pop-flavored She’s The Kinda Girl and this video track See You In Your Arms.

By John Alessi PR Firm