Spintex Road Traffic Jam – Shasha Marley (Music Video)

Spintex Road Traffic Jam by Shasha Marley Is A Call To Action For The Authorities In Charge Of Roads And Highways In My Country Ghana And Beyond It’s Borders To Make Sure, That There’s Free Flow Of Traffic On All Our Roads To Help Boost Our Economies And To Help Make Our Countries Better For Us And For Generations Yet Unborn. I Therefore Urge All And Sundry To Take SPINTEX ROAD TRAFFIC JAM To Heart. – Shasha Marley

With this tune, again, Shasha Marley addresses the social issues in his homeland Ghana, this time the lyrics teach us about “Spintex Road“, a suburb of Accra, the capital of Ghana, talks about the busy and sometimes annoying feeling of being stuck in traffic on one of the busiest roads in Accra. Especially now after the built of a Mega Mall on Spintex Road that makes the situation even worse. “Spintex Road” is a request to the government to fix these traffic issues in Accra.