Stephen “Di Genius” & Chino McGregor – ETERNAL (Lyric Video)

Stephen “Di Genius” & Chino McGregor – ETERNAL (Lyric Video)
From the Upcoming Album : G.M.T.A coming 2018

Even if them try fi kill me, them cyah kill me soul, Them weapons cyah do we no harm, dem just harm flesh alone, Even if them try Fi murda me, dem can only stop my heart I’ll live forever more ETERNAL!!!!

As the single starts out with a sample of Mavado, 2007 ‘Don’t Cry’ echoing, (produced by Media Queen Nikki Z) you hear the voice of Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor come in with the potent lyrics which becomes the chorus of the single. The single, which may resonate to many who have lost loved ones in various incidents or natural causes there is always a hope that the spirit of our love one lives forever more.

For Stephen and Chino McGregor, who are blood brothers, music has always been apart of them since birth especially growing up in a musical household. ‘Eternal’, produced by Stephen McGregor, who is up for three Grammy nominations this year, therefore it is no surprise why the production immediately moves you.

“Inspired by life, the message is one that is just the truth”, says Chino McGregor. “While you are here in flesh live right, when your expiration date come your actions you made while in flesh form will determine the destination /date of your spirit/soul” says Chino McGregor.

Eternal is set to release January 19th 2018.