Steppah – Sharon Marley & Big Youth (Music Video)

Experience the heartwarming tale of love and nostalgia set against the vibrant backdrop of Kingston, Jamaica, in the mesmerizing music video for “Steppah.” Directed by the visionary Donisha Prendergast (Sharon’s daughter) and starring the legendary Sharon and OG toaster Big Youth, this captivating video invites you to join Sharon on a journey down memory lane as she reminisces about her youthful romance with her Steppah. Despite their diverging paths, Sharon’s heart still yearns for their reunion. Witness the subtle hand of fate at play as Big Youth emerges as a silent yet potent Cupid, gently nudging these star-crossed lovers closer together. Don’t miss out on this enchanting love story unfolding before your eyes – tune in now and let yourself be swept away by its irresistible charm!

Sharon Marley’s latest single, “Steppah”, pays homage to the classic dance floor days of rocksteady and rub-a-dub. Sharon’s smooth, sultry voice invites us into a narrative that unfolds with the entrance of the quintessential Steppah—the original Jamaican ‘rude bwoy’ Big Youth, exuding street-schooled elegance, charming and untouchable, adorned in signature fashion defining his character.

In this rhythmic manifesto, Sharon’s vocals seamlessly blend with Big Youth’s legendary presence, honoring reggae’s cultural heritage while ushering it into new dimensions. “Steppah” beckons listeners into the dance of life—a celebration of love and resilience, through the timeless spirit of unity and music. Complemented by Sharon’s distinctive 70’s fashion throw-back, “Steppah” takes you back to the days of lover’s rock at a house party. As an artist, her bold eclectic style mirrors the vibrancy of reggae culture, weaving seamlessly into the visual and musical tapestry, resonating with the global influences of Jamaican fashion.

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