Sunshine Grindin – Massa Man, Yaadcore & Proff Kenya (Music Video)

As he gears up to release his debut album, Reggaeland, in January 2022, Yaadcore has been hitting us with a mix of collabs to keep the fire burning. The latest of these is “Sunshine Grindin”. The non-album track pairs Yaadcore’s vocals with Massa Man, a German reggae artist, and Nairobi-based Proff Kenya. In their own way, each artist touts the positive energy of working hard and staying focused.

While the pandemic kept this global crew from uniting in one location, each artist shot scenes in places that speak to their grind. For Yaadcore, it was the L.A. home base of skate/streetwear brand, Diamond Supply Co., with which he’s set to drop an upcoming merch line inspired by “Nyquill (Spliff A Light Spliff).”

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