The Race – Rising Tide ft Kim Pommel & Feluke (Lyric Video)

The Race‘ features the Rising Tide singers, Kim Pommell, Sherida Sharpe, and Faith Waltson, with Kim Pommell singing the leads. It also features the late great singer and percussionist, Denver “Feluke” Smith whom the band met on the road when he was touring with Jimmy Cliff. The song is about the journey of life. It talks about the long game we all play when it comes to the overall arch of our lives and enduring the hardships that we encounter. It mentions all the noise we hear along the way, people shouting and screaming, preaching and teaching, trying to lead us astray. In the end it’s up to us to stay the course and stand by our beliefs as we navigate this world.

Musically this song has a latin influenced reggae groove. The versus and the bridges build to an instrumental section where the singers chant about the “tide rising” as it often does throughout the course of our lives. This passes off to an epic guitar solo, which represents that overall arch and the journey we all must take.

The Full Album available November 10, 2023