The Tide is High – Julian Marley & Antaeus (Music Video)

The Tide is High, one of those all-time favorites from the great John Holt which was originally released in 1967, produced by Duke Reid, and performed by The Paragons. Over the past 55 years, the “Tide is High” track has been released and remade in many shapes and forms. This time around Julian Marley & Antaeus picked up the song and gave it a nice bubbly summer dancehall feeling. The video was filmed at historic Devon House, a heritage site in Kingston, Jamaica, built in 1881 by the first Jamaican black millionaire George Stiebel.

For what it is worth, we are very sorry but we will stick to the Paragons’ version. The reason? The Paragons really were struggling and fighting against the tides for their girl and making sure that they were this girl’s number one in the end. Julian, makes it sound a bit too happy like he does want the girl, but if not… there’s always a next one 🙂 I guess times and ways to fight for a girl changed in the past 55 years… call us old-fashioned 🙂