Un Amor – Ser Rasta ft Mikey General & Cedric Myton (Music Video)

In the vibrant city of Montevideo, Uruguay, this musical masterpiece by Sir Rasta took shape at Usina Cultural Cordón, where Sergio Ramirez, Carolina Barreiro, and Cedric “Congo” Myton infused soul into their guitar, bass, and vocals.

On the other side of the seas in Kingston, Jamaica, the voice of Mikey General were recorded at Wasp Studio. Back in Montevideo, Mane Congo added the rhythmic heartbeat with percussion at Se Rasta’s studio ‘La Casa del Reggae’, while Federico “Coco” García contributed enchanting melodies on the keys at Mezcal Productora de Audio.

Under the skilled guidance of Alfredo “Chole” Giannotti, the creative force behind CheBo Records, arrangements, recording, and artistic production blended seamlessly. The culmination of this international collaboration found harmony in the hands of Johan Dub in Córdoba, Argentina, for mixing, and Ales Fabiani at MAD91FAMILIA for mastering.

The visual was edited with footage captured in Jamaica by Fernando Hevia and in Uruguay by Damian Cejas, Nicolas Sarubbi, and Sergio Ramirez, showcasing the global journey of music in a harmonious celebration of creativity and talent.