VANZO unveils his first album!

Considered by his peers as one of the rising stars of Reggae / Dancehall in Jamaica, his crystalline voice and his swaying flow are already setting the track on fire and in sound systems across the Atlantic. VANZO delivers an authentic album of 10 tracks that take us to the heart of Yard and the life of a young artist from the ghetto of Spanish Town.

Until then the success of VANZO remained concentrated in Jamaica but “Rumours” finally crossed the borders by exporting itself in France, on the waves of Radio Nova. Then it was “Hardest” that gave rhythm to the playlist of the famous station. 

For the release of his new album it is the track “Officer” that he puts forward. It is one of the most accomplished tracks of the project. A testimony: that of VANZO and a whole youth living in the most underprivileged districts of Jamaica. First spectators of the tensions between the police and the habitants of the ghettos, the young singer from Spanish Town knows the story. Through this track he delivers with a lot of emotions his doubts and fears about this reality that happens arround the world.

This new album to be released on the label Baco Records (Baco Music) and produced by the French team of Street Machine Production reserves you a wave of heat and groove which is likely to agitate the waves and Sound Systems.

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