We No ‘Fraid – Rapha Pico & The Noble Chanters ft. Strawl (Lyrics Video)

We No ‘Fraid with special guest STRAWL is the 2nd release in the ‘Come-Unity’ series of singles. It represents & demonstrates how coming together in unity is the essence and foundation of what builds communities..’
Noble Chanters Productions

‘During the lockdown months in the Netherlands, there was a very long stretch of time without any gigs or music events so we decided with Noble Chanters crew to set up these sessions. All the musicians & artists were invited to the studio together, with all the music & lyrics written & recorded on the day without prior planning – Vibes was the main ingredient used during these sessions!’

Earth Works Studio

The 10″ Vinyl Cut of ‘We No ‘Fraid” is presented as an EP with an extended vocal version on the A-Side & a further instrumental & dub cut on the B-side.