World A Reggae Riddim 2019 by World A Reggae & K-Jah Sound.

11 high quality tracks on 6 vinyl 45s… thats what happens when two Reggae fanatics join forces to promote Reggae Music. In 2018, Poland based producer K-Jah Sound aka Krystian Walczak and Danny Creatah from World A Reggae teamed up to produce the new World A Reggae Riddim 2019. After hearing the first track voiced by the multi-talented Runkus, they both knew this riddim had potential to go large!

The aim for this authentic new rootsy riddim was to voice some veterans in the business as well as showing the skills of some upcoming artists. We are proud to present a production featuring veterans such as Luciano, Warrior King, Lutan Fyah and Bushman, as well as the gorgeous voices of two beautiful ladies, Tamika (ft German superstar Gentleman) and Vanessa Bongo. Other guests include musical wizards. Runkus and Christos DC, the consicious voices of Droop Lion and Kamau Imhotep and Polish band Etna Kontrabande.

Daniel Słomiński – (D’Roots Brothers) – Bass
Jonasz Słomiński – (D’Roots Brothers) – Drums
Jerzy Słomiński – Nyahbingi Drums
Radosław Ciurko – Keyboards
Szymon Chudy – Solo Guitar in SPIRITUAL WEALTH – Tamika & Gentleman Tomasz Wójcik – Solo guitar in Warrior King & Kamau Imhotep
Backing Vocals: The I-Grades
Krystian Walczak – Lead Guitar, Composer, Mix, Production
Runkus Romario B. – Composer / Co Producer
Umberto Echo – MIX Studio AS ONE – Mastering
Thanks to Tomasz Olszewski (Pan Winyl) for the continuous support!

After a period of almost 2 years, the Riddim is now ready to see the light and will be digitally distributed by Zojak World Wide on October 1st. But before that, World A Reggae and K-Jah Sound decided, because of their love for vinyl, to release the production “Vinyl First”.

This September 1st, three of the six songs will be released on three 7″ vinyl singles on World A Reggae Records. These singles are available online on the World A Reggae Webshop


Tamika ft Gentleman – Spiritual Wealth
Kamau Imhotep – Archetype
Luciano – Story Of My Life
Runkus – The Apple
Warrior King – Sing Another Psalm
Vanessa Bongo – Power Ignite
Bushman – These Are The Days
Christos DC – Self Evident

The digital release of the Riddim will be on October 1, 2019 by ZOJAK World Wide.

The first video featuring Christos DC is already in the making and will be released soon