Ziggi Recado – Liberation (Official Videoclip)

Ziggi Recado – Liberation (Official Video) . Taken from LIBERATION 2.0 EP. Written & Recorded by Ziggi Recado. Produced by D. (Decko) Douglas. Video by Martijn. Vid Production by Blue Box

Early 2012 Ziggi Recado’s #LIBERATION was released. A 6 track EP. Ziggi’s first “independent” project consisted of mainly modern roots sounding tracks and was produced largely by various european producers.

It was received well and Recado hinted that he was already working on the follow up.

Now as 2012 winds down, LIBERATION 2.0 is about to be released.

Ziggi did this exclusively with Dredda Records. “Decko” takes the credit for the production of what has to be considered Ziggi’s most roots sounding effort thus far.Recado himself considers LIBERATION 2.0 to be the best work of his musical career.
The lead single and official video “Liberation” has been released and the full EP will soon follow on DREDDA RECORDS (November 19th 2012)


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